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[OTOME] Arithmetic SSS Several Shades of Sadism Pre-Release Campaign~

Hey everyone it's been such a long time since I've updated this blog! Almost 1.5 years... (I'm so sorry!..) I'm not sure who is still around on these parts but it seemed my older posts has been searched up a lot recently. So hello for those who joined me on here! But I wanted to post about a new Otome Game coming out in 2017!

I usually keep my cosplay related topics off this blog but it's an exciting collaboration with Arithmetic with their release of their new game! SSS Several Shades of Sadism. I'm super stoked about this because I've always enjoyed their games (I did a huge haul of their merchandise on Youtube before haha... If you wanted to see that video you can view it here.) 

I did a few photoshoots cosplaying the character Chiaki to promote their game! They will be uploading more photos as time goes on their Facebook so please do follow their page for more game news! They are currently doing a campaign for likes on the page to get really cool items in the game! So spread the word so we can all get the adorable avatar items. (please haha I really want them..) 

SSS Several Shades of Sadism's Facebook

Just a side note, I have a slight obsession with Satoshi Hino and being able to represent somewhat officially for one of his characters... It's like a dream come true let me tell you. That aside I've been in love with Arithmetic's art style all these years... (*Q*);; 

I know it's been a long time since I've posted reviews and talked about many games on general on here. However I want to make it my goal to return to it in 2017! First will probably a big overall look on the new Otome games that's came out and after that will be a catch up post to the games I've been playing lately. I've been playing a lot of mobage games + console games in the 1.5 years so don't worry I have plenty to talk about. Haha~ Anyways I really hope you stick around and look forward to new games along with me next year!

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[OTOME] Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale Leonhardt Review ARTIHMETIC

Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale 
Invite Code : eLL2dZ 

I can't contain my excitement when his route finally released and after playing it, it was worth the grinding on being consistent on his route. Sadly of course it takes me a long time to sit down to write a review since I was busy with life/other things.  (`・ω・´)

When I first played Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale I saw his character and of course was disappointed his route wasn't open LIKE every other game. All the ones I look at aren't the main routes that are first out... ever.

Of course I played through all the teasers and saw how Leonhardt is... He's a really hot intimidating guy but with a kind heart and would do anything to help/protect the heroine... He's also a big KITTY- Well a Lion to be exact hahaha...

My feelings when going through all the teaser short stories. Why aren't you out yet?  (;~;)

And then...

I've been hoarding items since I started just for him. And when he released I went down to 0 on mostly everything hahaha. So yes I got his outfit pretty fast~ Anyways onto the review below.


Leonhardt is a big kind man with a hard heart from a past he can't forget. Because of this he is one who refuses to wanting the heroine to choose him. I have to say out of all the interactions the heronie is less annoying in Leonhardt's route but maybe because Leonhardt is such a overpowering impressive character to me I easily ignored the heroine. 

I mean seriously the heroine was only brought to this world to restore it... She's nothing special because she seem unwillingly to do anything until later...

Kabedon lol

In the beginning after the heroine was saved by Leonhardt, she tries to approach him but he rejects her by telling her you do not want to choose me. (implying he is dangerous and will hurt her)
And he walks away. Of course obviously from the guys I choose they all run away at some point. ;;

Later she finds him playing with animals. How bad could he be she thinks because he's swarmed with fluffy animals. He will noticed she was there and question on why she was spying on him. She then lets him know that she only saw that he was kind and meant no harm. She also tells him that she only wants to learn more about who he really is. 

As time progresses where she kept approaching Leonhardt even though he personally wishes she doesn't because he is afraid he'll harm her. But he can't refuse the queen's words... So assists her if it is her command. 
One night she was attacked by a tranced out Leonhardt. 

She thought it was all a dream but it felt too real especially when he caused small pains on her. 

When she woke up Leonhardt was no where to be found. Of course she meets him the next day and nothing seemed to have happened. Through the different times where the Queen needed to learn how to use her power to restore life to the Fairy Tale world, Leonhardt eventually started to open up to her even though he still implies he's dangerous or try to avoid her.

To the beginning of the real plot, finally he revealed he killed his best friend who betrayed him in the past. He tore him up with his fangs. So whenever it's a full moon he would get more angry and easily triggered to do something he didn't mean to. (And confirmed that the night she was attacked wasn't just a dream, it was indeed Leonhardt.) 
With this of course the heroine wasn't scared of him but felt bad that he carried such weight over his shoulders. 

With that knowledge she was wondering if she could ever cure Leonhardt's dark past of blame over himself. 
 Which caused the conflict of the story when Leonhardt's friend "appeared" showing himself to the heroine. He explained how he regretted that Leonhardt carries such a dark past because of him and wished he could so something for him so he can move on. gullible Heroine agreed to help him even though she was only thinking of Leonhardt. He gave her a stone to place into the water for the ceremony and the next morning of course that doesn't happen. It drops beforehand when Leonhardt found her that night and a black mist appears. Leonhardt is shocked at the scene because he felt the Heroine is trying to pull a betrayal like his friend.

She tells him to trust her because she only wanted to help him not harm him... And with that Leonhardt actually calmed down. This of course foiled Leonhardt's ex-friend plans, which he wanted Leonhardt to tear up the one he loved. Showing his true form which he was a phantom all along that was still jealous and angry at Leonhardt for all the things he has. 

Working together they defeat the phantom and placing him to rest. Leonhardt learned that it wasn't all his fault and that he can finally stop being so uptight about killing his friend who planned things against him since the beginning. Also he can start being honest with himself and stop holding himself back from the heroine. (Cause he really had the hots for her but resisted even though she kept following him.) 

Bb apologizes and of course it's understandable. He always felt he did something wrong and didn't want the heroine to be victim number 2. ;; He's a really sweet kind guy who didn't want to see another person he cared about hurt. But now that's resolved...

And so they are napping with each other. Of course how beautiful Leonhardt is when he is peacefully sleeping. It made the Heroine want to touch him hahaha. AND of course he isn't really asleep yet. 

Of course everything after that since they are "together" now. It's just Leonhardt just constantly teasing her... because he's so honest with her now and not hiding his feelings lol.
That's not all of course. Even heroine wonder wow where did the really good manner and kind Leonhardt went..?

Uh oh the true beast is out. (*///*) (idontmind)

So they finally had their bonding times lol. Well I was too into Leonhardt so I did get the Royal Ending and that really was the icing on top of the cake. 

So am I bb vvv

The wedding picture was so beautiful and I strongly felt Leonhardt deserved true happiness since he was holding so many things back in the past because of his people. (Such a sad prince but he still was so nice to help and do things for others...) 

Ahahaha he ends it on that note... so ero when you let the beast on the loose. (/ω\)


(Beauty and Beast much?... haha~)

Oh man, I tried not to gush too much on Leonhardt's route because haha I could go on forever... I really really enjoyed it but I didn't really list all the little details because I suggest people to try his story out yourself if you like this type of character. 

I really enjoyed this one and was worth the wait for his character to appear. I can see they took elements from Beauty and the Beast except Leonhardt was always a good person but ended becoming weary/untrusting because of his past. Unlike how Beast wasn't a good person to begin with but learned through his mistakes. 

I would suggest people to try out the game but be prepared the heroine isn't the worst but isn't the best either. So if you play be warned she could get on your nerves depending on route haha. She was more toned down in Leonhardt's route because apparently she's a stalker for him lolol so she was more set on him than being indecisive. 

I will hopefully catch up on writing more reviews later as time permits! Thanks for reading as always!  

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[OTOME] Voltage Mobile Games Overview FREE TO PLAY + Current Updates

Voltage goes a long way back with me. It was one of the earlier games I played on mobile when they had service with GREE. My Sweet Bodyguard (One of my most favorite Voltage games.), Be My Princess and Celebrity Darling (Which I wished they redid in their current new system..) ;;;;

Back then it was really difficult to play with the Gree system but the overall service is pretty dead for these games despite still being available to download/play.

Shortly after the years, they have done their own free to play games. Let's get with the basics first.

Overall How the Games run : 
-Log in Bonus : You can be consistent and if you survive logging in for a set number times (like My Forged Wedding Party) you will get special bonuses by the end of 100 or 200 log in etc. If you miss a day it will reset the counter back to 1. They also have a special log in bonus if you haven't played for a long time, they will give you a welcome back bonus on their game. I had it happen twice to me, it's nice... but they totally have the characters guilt trip you on not playing haha. 
-Bonus Sheet Item : It's like achievements in a game but they have a daily one and a sheet to be completed for more items for the game. If you complete the tasks they ask they will reward you with items. Very simple to do if you want to get more items for the game.
-Mini Games : All of their games have some battle off to raise some type of needed element be it "Wife Points" or "Trust Factor" etc. Where you will use daily energy to try to raise in game cash + the needed element. The energy recovers with as certain time passes during the day.
-Story Passes : These are your passes everyday you can read 5 parts a day. They will recover in about a day time like the other games. You can always use the story pass refills if you get them. 
-Checkpoints : You can't just read the story as leisure. In order to pass checkpoints to continue the story it's either x amount of items or a certain "stat" level. Sometimes you have to hoard items over time or even wait another day to pass the checkpoint. However it is doable if you do not want to pay, you just need patience. I noticed how this applies to most games that are free to play. But I have to be honest, Voltage's free to play games are probably the toughest checkpoints since their required points is quite high numbers especially near the endings. ;;
-Dress Checkpoints / CG : This is critical for free to play voltage players to understand. YOU WILL NOT GET the CG if you do not PAY real money/or earn them from app installing etc. It's a real downer for their games since I do think Voltage has very nice CGs and CGs make a game for me personally. To pay for each CG the price increases every time they have one or just read the story without CG/Sweet Scenarios.
-Bonus : There are extra stories and time limited events in the game. Although like again, I think Voltage limited time events are as tough as their checkpoints. They have short time limit (wished it was more like 14 days vs 7) and a more easier checkpoint or visa versa. But I believe they follow how Japanese play because they can "pay" and put a lot of time into a mobile game. It's hard for international players to follow that same mindset sadly. Just my opinion on it. 

Ok onto the games! 
I've listed my Player ID for you to add to get bonus items if you wish. You can also add me as friend. I always use the same name now Imari Yumiki for all the games I play. 

My Forged Wedding Party
ID : 0c5abd8f

The Heroine had a finance who dumped her before meeting her parents. She meets the group of friends (all guys) who knows her uncle. One of them steps it up and becomes her "fiance" because they also need a future wifey for whatever their reasons are in the story. (Each character is different.) So you act like you are Husband/Wife with your chosen one and of course falling in love with him by the end of it.

I have to be honest I did enjoy this one when it was out since I never played the original. I went after Takao Maruyama. Who is pretty nice character and seemed more of my type. Before I go to too many details, I just want to know why they keep shoving Saeki(the flirty dark hair one.) in my face not just this route but in other routes. I actually think he's pretty cool especially once you know him but they really should save him for his own route instead of having him trying to NTR. But I guess it's popular to always have someone trying to bother you in your own route in japan lol. I just feel bad for him because he is pretty likable except they keep shoving him in other routes for extra drama.

I am near the end for Takao's route, I was just dealing with the checkpoint for a while lol and lost interest in waiting to get to the needed points but I should be finished soon. I will do a proper review at the end of that.

Be My Princess Party
ID : 579953

The Heroine is someone who desires to become a famous designer someday. When she gets her job and head to the Royal Party. She finds herself being a replacement of a princess and you meet all these Princes. You choose which one you want after the long long long prologue.

I choose him. I started this game not too long ago so I can't put much input however... I did play this on GREE before Joshua became a choice. I did download the one in Japanese too for the seiyuu version... I never got far on either of them mostly because the story never really kept my interest. I will be trying a bit to see how the story goes again haha. I'm just not a fan of Princes even though I do like "foreign prince types" if it's the story isn't just all about Princes...

Sleepless Cinderella Party
IOS Not Available Yet
ID : 85135ab0

Heroine wants to become a famous Journalist. She finally lands the job when she went to Tokyo, Japan. However she ends up working for a bad reputation gossip magazine... She attends the Casino opening meeting all these famous handsome guys. Which are all friends and know the owner. Then she is the lucky girl who won the lottery for a VIP pass for the Casino where she gets to know them personally. Ryoichi gets her a heavy drink as a revenge for taking his photo earlier for Weekly Cinderella and she wakes up... to whoever you choose route for.

Out of all the games this one intrigues me most mostly because the main heroine is a megane girl with spice so far in the beginning. I like megane girls but I liked she actually stood up against Yuzuki when he was being angry boy. I never played the original so I am looking forward to see how this story unfolds. I choose Noel Aijima over the others since he seemed more of my type. I will see as I play. I was a bit interested in Yuzuki too since I thought their chemistry was pretty funny but for now I'll stick with Noel.

Because really, why not? ('3')/

My only thing about this game the set up is very similar with My Forged Wedding with the guy character situations and types. All of them are friends, there is a "woman" who helps you and the character types are pretty similar. It won't bother me though since at least the heroine seems a bit different than the one from MFW. We will see haha.

And that pretty much wraps up the current free to play Voltage games! I hope they plan on doing more and consider some of the feedback from the fans for any of their future releases.

Unrelated to Voltage Game Posts Below

Cybird has finally released their first English game. I've played a few other of their titles in Japanese so hopefully they make more so I can make a post about their games too.

Midnight Cinderella
Player ID : T9Q3hgHN

I'll make a more detailed post about this one later. If you play add me as friend!

But already to no surprise the one I was eyeing isn't a route yet lol.

Most of my mobile gaming time has been taken over by Touken Ranbu, Boyfriend BETA and Tokimeki Restaurant as usual. But I have jumped back into the otome gaming. I do have other videogames I am playing not on mobile so let's hope I can get time to lay down reviews before I get really busy and start going to conventions again haha (Sakura Con!! I can't wait!)

Thank you for always reading and supporting!

Add me on any of my social networks if you want! I love chatting with fellow friends with similar interests!

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New Arithmetic Otome / Otoge Mobile Games + Campaign !!

Currently if you play Arithmetic games and download the new ones, you will get bonus in each game you play. (story tickets etc). I listed the new games below they have and their download links with invite codes to get more items. Unfortunately it's only Android so far ;; Hopefully iOS will approve their games so people who have that can play too.

For reference of any of their older games :

Contract Marriage Plus
Invite Code : y8nyva
iOS : Not Out Yet

I have no idea why they have a new one, but the last Contract Marriage turned out to be a great game with a good story about revenge. I'm not a big fan of the new system they use though because it's much more effort/time (and money if you don't get the answers right...)  to pass the game but I'll still give it a go. (¬、¬) Sadly my first choice isn't a route this time, so going for the new guy Kurosaki since Shirogane isn't my type even though he was a good support in Arima's route. I'll miss Arima though he was a gentle bb with a harden heart. ;; I wonder if this is a renewed ver. of the story or just translating the story over to the new system. (・_・ヾ

I'll probably get to reviewing the older game first since the new one is out. And it's been ages since I've been done with it. Then I can have something to compare to haha. Arima~~~ vvv

Love Legend of Sengoku
Invite Code : pTq76C
iOS : Not Out Yet

I love Sengoku period as much as Dynasty. From here down, the games are in the old system which can be referenced

The characters they have up are pretty interesting so far, but I don't have a particular favorite... And browsing through the playstore well, it happens all the time right? Why do you do this to me all the time ;;


I hope his route will open someday, but it's unknown since they haven't even released routes for some of their current games ;; So far going for Mitsuhide but I may change to Date depending how the story develops. I just want to see him come out and see who he is.

My Romantic Three Kingdoms
Invite Code : fQ4nrf
iOS : Not Out Yet

This is up my alley since I love Dynasty era. I can't say who I like yet or if there is someone else in the story I want (which is likely as always sigh.) But I will go for Zhou Gongjin first since Wu side was always my bias when I play games with dynasty era.

More will be posted once I play through the game. /gamemodeon

The Idol Dormitory
Invite Code : 3UfKUt
iOS : Not Out Yet

Mm, I feel this one is going to be a bit risky like. Still following the old style gameplay. I'm pretty sure they decided to finally translate some of their older titles haha. I hope this proves to be a better idol story vs. Starstruck Love... Lol. Going for Hiroki Kisumi first but I already feel he's going to be an S. (´_`)

I will write up more reviews/posts as I get time to! I am going to post a lot of random posts though at my Gaming Outlet. Feel free to add me there and discuss along with me. I will see how I feel about these games in the end haha.


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[OTOME] Shall we date? Games Overview NTT Solmare Corp FREE TO PLAY

NTT Solmare games was the beginning to the otome mobile game line I've played along with Voltage but this post will just be on the Shall we Date Free to Play games only in an overview.

Overall How the Games run : 
-Log in Bonus : You can be consistent and get better prizes depending how many days you log in, however it's only 7-10 days worth and it usually resets back to 1 after the set days are up. Making it only repeat what gifts are given. And if you forget to log in, it'll reset the counter. The items they give usually help you out with getting through the game easier.
-Mini Games : Most games aside from Destiny Ninja has the mini game feature that increases your "stats" which apply to checkpoints when you play through the game. It's crucial that you make sure to use up your energy everyday to keep up with the checkpoints in Shall we date? games.
-Story Passes : These are your passes everyday you can read 5 parts a day. When it's out it'll recover within hours later. It's always almost a full day for full recovery but since 1 pass is several hours it's possible to play more than 5 a day.  
-Checkpoints : You can't just read the story as leisure. Which is why I suggest it isn't bad if you want to buy the overall route for a price for some of their paid versions. (There are a few that is route limited meaning the free version has more characters... I really hope they change that someday but it's not likely.) In order to pass checkpoints to continue the story it's either x amount of items or a certain "stat" level. Sometimes you have to hoard items over time or even wait another day to pass the checkpoint. However it is doable if you do not want to pay, you just need patience.
-Bonus : Sometimes NTT Solmare will gift in game occasionally for playing more than one of their game at the same time, random events + sub stories. You have to check around for those and I will be noting a few of those I have experience with the overview.

Was one of the first Shall we date? games I played. I really enjoyed it for what it was back then. I still play it and I have enjoyed most of the substories they added. Especially those with CG, they however have a few substories only for people who are willing to pay which is a bit unfortunate but understandable.
 Kazemasa's Route Review :

Another one of their earlier games, I played this when it was with Gree. Which was very hard to pass... with Gree... gladly they released their own version and I have enjoyed it much more. For the Gree version I was after Sasuke and in the current one I am Hanzo's route. It's been enjoyable so far, hopefully I will finish his route soon to do a proper review.

I remember seeing this around back then but only playing through it now. I'm almost near the ending and I choose Alvah as the main route. He's pretty cute overall but more will come when I actually finish his route.
A personal favorite of mines from their games. I really liked this game and have a full review below. I want to go for another character but I did Hajime's route / bought his story for reading purposes on the paid version. Currently they have a cross over with Lost Island characters and I just finished playing through it. It was well worth the read. They just uploaded another sub story with Trick & Treat I want Hajime so badly, he's so cute haha. I would highly suggest people to pick up Mononoke Kiss if you want a good game to start off with~
Hajime's Route Review :

I really liked Ruvel from the main three, then they added more characters... especially the one above...

Which caught me to play through his route. I am on a fence however how I feel about his route and character as a whole but I will see. I did demo Reiner a bit and he was interesting but I missed the event time so decided against trying for his scenes. (Obviously it wasn't because I saw Raug getting stabbed by
I was very interested in this title when I saw this in their buying only side. When it became free I choose to do Ray first to see how things go but I am pretty sure Ethan is more of my type of character. I love the RPG feel to this game even though it's just visual novel style haha, the mini games I wish they were real gameplay. Ray... so far is mean interesting... but will post more when I complete it. He is more than he seems though so we will see how it plays out~
This is Hiiro no Kakera 4 by idea factory. I bought a route because the way the games are structured (idea factory games) for me personally I can't really play through the free version (styled with shall we date system) without pulling my hair sadly. Knowing how their games several chapters is static till half way in, it's hard to get into it for many. However if you do only the first run, I believe you can survive it, especially if you love a certain character. I'm slightly interested for the extra stories they placed up though. I will see, I have started the free one but I am unsure if I am able to pass it, I may go through my bought route first haha.  And only look at the extra stories they added. I really wished they added the original voices from the game, it probably carry it better but I understand the localization + rights they would have to pay.

I did buy Cindo's route in the past but haven't played it yet. I was currently going through Thumbelina until they just added Gretel. I honestly really wanted to finish Thumbelina but Gretel caught my attention. I will see how I will play through it mostly because Gretel has a current event for items but seeing the deadline to finish is probably impossible unless you really hoarded items... I might change my mind haha. I did enjoy so far the way heroine and the character interacts so it's quite a plus.

I remember when this first came out, I was really excited for it but it was paid route only. Now they had a free version, I went for Ryo first. So far it's interesting however the heroine sadly is a bit lacking for who she is/and the type of situation they are in. I will review more when I finish the main route. HOWEVER

::Sub Story Spoiler/Rant Ahead::
I passed the sub story for Ryo. I just have to say I did like it... but it was really short compared to Destiny Ninja/Mononoke Kiss sub stories and it didn't have an ending CG which I wished they did. I really love her art so it was a bit saddening... Adding I understand they are in a normal life situation but... didn't really have anything happen that was special in the end? It was like point A to B to C back to A. So I guess if you want to read through it, you should but don't waste trying to rush through it (like mindlessly use items/or even buy items to go through it...), since I felt it was a bit lacking. It had it's cute moments though such as Ryo getting all pout about cooking lol... I believe if they had maybe a more lengthy ending or a CG it would have felt more worth reading.

This was released when I was at Anime Expo. It was exciting to see their booth and work in person. I was busy during summer to not be able to catch up to the new game but currently now going through Soji route. The story sets a pretty serious tone which is enjoyable and I really loved they used new backgrounds for the game. I am looking forward to finishing this one, Soji so far seems to be a person with a past... I go after those a lot don't I? ;;;

Last Comments
In all I really enjoy their games as a whole and can't wait to see what they put out next~ I just hope they will be able to provide us with more illustrations and events everyone can participate in! I also hope more paid routes come out in the paid version, I would love to read their stories without being online/playing through checkpoints again haha. I'm probably asking for a lot but at least I know they are doing their best for their games so who knows what else they may do?

For those who asked about how to get the endings. If you really are stuck ping me on my social networks I can help you there~ I just feel there are enough hardcore dedicated route walkthroughs on the internet so I don't have to post about it. (Since most of the time there's only one way to get the good endings anyways...) but if you want to talk to me about otome/otoge goodness just ping me!